Who We Are

We are a small business based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Established in early 2010, we offer a limited selection of ghost pepper products. We strive to supply a product that is all natural, handmade, and delivers the heat and flavor of the notorious Indian Bhut Jolokia Chili. Our products are distinct because what we make is intended to add spice and flavor to your meals, not just deliver tasteless heat.

All of Banjamin’s seasonings have been designed by Nashville resident, Ben Smythe (or Banjamin, according to the misspelling on his birth certificate). A native of New Orleans, he is no stranger to spicy foods. Ben is a seeker of all things elusive and was naturally drawn to the Bhut Jolokia Chili, or “Ghost Pepper.”

Being the hottest pepper in the world, the Ghost Pepper continues to gain popularity worldwide. After trying any of Banjamin’s Seasonings, you will understand why.

Currently, Banjamin’s “Elixir,”  “Dry Rub and Seasoning,” and “Fistfight Powder“ can be purchased exclusively at the Woodbine Farmer’s Market and on our products page.