Banjamin’s Ghost Pepper “Elixir” – Available in 2oz and 4oz bottles.

Banjamin’s Elixir has a myriad of uses: hot sauce, marinade, or in recipes. It has a very rich and smoky flavor with a hint of citrus and garlic. It’s very hot, however not too hot to cover the root flavors of your meal. You can cut this thick sauce with vinegar or brine for an excellent marinade. Brush this on anything for grilling, add kick to your favorite recipes, or transform the average Bloody Mary Cocktail into a “Scary Mary!”

Banjamin’s Ghost Pepper “Dry Rub and Seasoning” – Available in 2oz glass shakers.

We use this seasoning on just about everything. It’s a perfect balance of flavor and heat. Inspired by the unique scent of the famous Central Grocery in the French Quarter of New Orleans this seasoning combines classic Cajun flavors with the Bhut Jolkia Chili (or Ghost Pepper) of northern India.


Banjamin’s Ghost Pepper and Habanero “Fistfight Powder” – Available in 2oz glass shakers.

Use this product with extreme caution! It is incredibly hot. The idea behind this seasoning is to end the age old debate over which chili is the hottest in the world. We combined both chilies into one product and the result is fierce!